Forthcoming in Hardcover:

THE RADICAL KING, edited and introduced by Cornel WestJACK'S LIFE: A Biography of Jack Nicholson (Updated and Expanded), by Patrick McGilliganLOVING DAY, Mat JohnsonINSIDE A SILVER BOX, Walter Mosley


Out in Hardcover:

ROSE GOLD, by Walter MosleyTHE CRUSADES OF CESAR CHAVEZ: A Biography, by Miriam PawelTHE BOOK OF LOVE: Improvisations on a Crazy Little Thing, by Roger RosenblattBLACK PROPHETIC FIRE, By Cornel West


FEAR ITSELF: the New Deal and the Origins of Our Time, by Ira KatznelsonWHY I READ: The Serious Pleasure of Books, by Wendy LesserTHE FURTHER TALES OF TEMPEST LANDRY, by Walter Mosley